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The economic system is all about what we want to be now, and what we want to
become in the near future.
Present day capitalism assumes that the moving force of the economic system is the access to energy resources and the possession of the same resources. Everything else is discounted to favour energy. For a long time, market sentiment agreed, and Exxon was the company with the largest market cap. This is not today's reality anymore. Apple Corporation has the largest market cap, and everyone seems at times confused as to why. Breakthrough capitalism has already happened! Apple, Google (with YouTube combined) and Facebook, just the three of them, have redefined what capitalism is all about. Some are focusing on the wrong things when looking for the constant of a business enterprise, and not the variable. The variable is behavior. And in this new context, to 'be-have' means to have in order to be, and in order to become.

My work describes the mechanisms by which new value is captured and created in enterprises dedicated to play a role in the behavior economy.
It all starts with learning a new language – the language of ideas – and with establishing frameworks of possibility in the ideology of the enterprise. Value creation is the expansion of relationships enabled by a disruptor media and the creation of new behaviors as a result. This opens two needed capabilities for a business: The first is upstream, creating the platform services people want to engage with. The second is downstream: marketing, distributing and selling these platforms as services. By the nature of the activities involved, the upstream and downstream capabilities are quite different in scope, inputs and outputs. The downstream calls for methodology – what do we have to do and how? - while the upstream calls for ideology - why and for whom are we doing this? In the context of enterprise, ideology is a way of being, behaving and influencing the world. An attitude. A mindset.
We are at the moment history turns a corner
Behind us we see the age of mass manufacture and industrial might, represented by large multinational corporations, giants that could bend steel and transform it into airplanes, ships, trains and bridges. Those were impressive days; the days in which we built the infrastructure of the world, as we thought these variables would be a constant of civilizations to come. We covered the ground with asphalt, redefined communities around the automobile, and redefined the way we connected people to people, and people to goods and services.
These were physical manifestations of a moment in history, but we regarded them as history itself, having a hard time imagining how things could be different. All we have defined so far as the indispensable infrastructure for our way of life might simply not exist in the industrialized world 50 years from now. Because just around the corner we are seeing the first signs of a life in which everything is social, everything is augmented and everything is autonomous. A convergence called life subscribed. In this new context, life becomes a subscription to moments, curated invisibly by virtue of our past actions, and our sets of preferences.
The future as ethos has little to do with technology; it has only to do with what we want of ourselves
Starting from scratch means wiping the slate clean of any past structures and imagining how the ingredients we have at our disposal, can frame a new type of society, in which people's desires, wants and needs are being satisfied in new ways. In building such an organization or service from scratch we can retain some of the values of the present, but not the physical infrastructure. Starting from scratch is a challenge to one's ability to create new images of self, constructing a new world from the inside out, as both a participant as well as a creature of it. These new images, and the artifacts they create in turn, are reflections of new life priorities, and the heights of existence we want to achieve through the new story. A new, and inspiring ethos.
New Book

Integrating Disruption in Everyday Business

My new book aims to prepare executives for the ambiguous challenge of creating and supporting a culture of innovativeness, within the framework of a value creating enterprise, in times of profound and dynamic technological and behavioural disruption.

The content will detail how to architect and construct the means for New Value by incorporating emerging disruptions and their behavioral attributes. Techniques that identify significant strategic shifts at their early stages, as well as the tools needed to assess the potential of these strategic shifts in technology and behaviour as possible monetization markets are also disclosed and detailed. The book further explores how foresight informs strategic decision-making and aligns the desires of people with the potential of technology, into new business models and how to integrate disruption in everyday business by restoring the equilibrium between core competencies and new value creation.

The value of a dynamic futureproofing strategy lies in bridging the gap between business competence and the creation of new value. This book explores the attributes and new behavioural imperatives of disruptive technologies, and the shape and urgency of the strategic transformation required to prosper in this emerging context.

Emerald Publishing Limited. Hardcover. 230 pages. 152 x 229mm. Release date: January 2021

Recognize and assign meaning to local and global patterns of emergence in behaviour.
Translate these behaviour signals into future opportunities.
Design business models that translate user experiences, into sustainable social and corporate
Understand change and behaviour change-drivers, motivation theory, and their effect on businesses and business models.
Understand and become proficient in the methods and tools used in the creation and validation of concepts using emergent signals as a starting point;
Entering adjacent industries based on understanding people's lifestyles and facilitating
people's daily lives
Agility in Futureproofing organizations for the behavior economy
Strategic Ambition
New Models: The Subscription Economy
Data as Material and the challenge of working without archetypes
Data as Material and the challenge of working without archetypes
The focus of transformation: Reshaping value propositions and transforming
operating models
Experience profile and Value profile methods
Dynamic, Manifest and Latent /Emergent Behaviour
Experience Mapping, Disruption Amplification Mapping, Impact Intensification Mapping, Market Maximization Mapping
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