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Alexander Manu is a strategic innovation practitioner, international lecturer and author. He provides strategic counsel and future based advisory to executive teams in Fortune 500 companies in industries as diverse as consumer packaged goods, media, advertising, mobile communications and manufacturing.  Alexander lectures around the world on innovation, imagination, change agents and strategic foresight.  He teaches “Innovation, Foresight and Business Design” at the Rotman School of Management, is a Professor at the OCAD University in Toronto and a visiting lecturer at the Wallace McCain Institute for Entrepreneurship.

In his client and research work, Alexander is involved in transforming organizations by exploring and defining new competitive spaces, the development of new strategic business competencies and creation of imaginative innovation methods. He believes that the exploration of possibility requires imagination as a prerequisite for strategic change and innovation.  For over 25 years he has enabled global companies as diverse as Motorola, LEGO, Whirlpool, Nokia, Navteq and Unilever,  to develop policies and strategies that address emerging issues through strategic foresight and pre-competitive business models.

Alexander Manu was the Founder (2005) and Director of the Beal Centre for Strategic Creativity, a non-profit research think tank operating in Toronto, where he developed new methodologies in strategic foresight, focusing on the intersection of behavior, technology and business capability.

Author of 
Value Creation and the Internet of Things” 2015, Behavior Space: Play, Pleasure and Discovery as a Model for Business Value“ 2012, “Disruptive Business”, 2010, “Everything 2.0: Redesign your Business Through Foresight and Brand Innovation”, 2008,  “The Imagination Challenge : Strategic Foresight and Innovation for the Global Economy” , 2006” ToolToys: Tools with an Element of Play”, 1995, and “The Big Idea of Design”, 1999 , as well as of numerous articles published in national and international periodicals.

His most recent book,”
Transforming Organizations for the Subscription Economy: Starting from Scratch will be released by Gower Publishing in 2017.

Alexander has an exceptional and sustained activity as an international lecturer, being invited to give over 500 keynote lectures in 25 countries. A past president of the Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario, he was elected twice on the board of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). A past member of various advisory boards active at government levels in Canada and the Far East, he has consulted on foresight strategies for the Department of Canadian Heritage, the China External Trade Development Council, Taiwan Design Centre, Korea Institute of Design Promotion and is a founding member of Design for the World (Barcelona), an international NGO that provides and promotes humanitarian design solutions.

Alexander has been a guest lecturer at over 45 distinguished post secondary institutions around the world.  He was elected in 1994 to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA) in recognition of his contribution to the development o
f design and  visual arts in Canada.


Alexander Manu at EFNI 2015
The European Forum for New Ideas, Sopot, Poland 2015 


Alexander Manu at Forum Virium, Helsinki, 2007

    Released on August 14, 2015: :



How the Behaviour Economy will Shape the 4th Industrial Revolution
by Alexander Manu

Gower Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4724-5181-1


Publication: August 2015

We live in a behavior economy, an environment in which people no longer engage with companies just by purchasing things, but they seek engagement with services that allow them to behave, to leave a mark, and to participate in the community of others.

The economic model promoted by the behavior economy is a model where behavior is the only goal of our actions, and where intrinsic motivation is the key to participation, engagement, and the satisfaction of multiple dimensions of value.

Value Creation in the Internet of Things describes value delivery and consumption, and the mechanisms by which new value is captured and created, in enterprises dedicated to competing and prospering in this new environment.  

This book is significant in the context of the Internet of Things becoming mainstream, forcing organizations to re-examine their value creation methodologies in light of new consumer behavior and expectations. The Internet of Things is not an elective for enterprises operating in the behavior economy, just like the Internet was not an option. The Internet of Things will reframe the existence of the ones enriched by it.  It will do so not because it can, but because our motivation will demand it. This is a book about reframing reality for new and incumbent organizations. The reality to reframe is not an imaginary one, but the immediate reality in which one operates: the behavior economy.

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